What is the AirEnabler?
The AirEnabler is a plug and play solution that allows you to AirPlay enable any speaker system such as your existing home stereo or old iPhone/iPod dock. It will even work with your car stereo. Add AirPlay support to any speaker system with a audio aux-in port (3.5mm or RCA).

How it works:

The AirEnabler Kit is pre-configured to broadcast a Wi-Fi network with the SSID name of AirEnabler_xxxx. Connect your iPhone/iPad (or computer) to the Wi-Fi network and start streaming your music via AirPlay. Simple as that. No configuration or computer needed. Your iPhone's 4G/LTE internet connection will automatically be maintained, allowing you to use Siri, iMessage, GPS, Apps, and stream internet radio such as Pandora, Spotify and iTunes Radio.

Setup AirPlay in your car in under 5 minutes.

Ships in "Standalone Mode" as described above, but easily configurable to join your existing home Wi-Fi network. Please see Quick Setup page for additional details.

  • Add Apple AirPlay support to any speaker system - including your car, boat, home stereo/receiver or old iPhone/iPod dock.
  • Wirelessly stream music from your iOS device or computer using iTunes. 
  • Plug and Play - No configuration or computer needed. Setup in less than 5 minutes.
  • Better than Bluetooth - AirPlay is lossless (no audio compression), has better range, no pairing limitations and supports multi-users; anyone can play DJ. 
  • Works seamlessly with your existing Bluetooth hands-free setup (music will pause for incoming/outgoing calls and resume when call ends).
  • Automatically maintain 4G/LTE connection for GPS (Maps Turn by Turn Nav), Apps (Waze, etc), Email, Siri, iMessage and internet radio streaming such as Pandora, Spotify or iTunes Radio.
  • 3 Different Operating Modes - Standalone Mode (default mode), Wireless Client Mode, Wired Client Mode. Configurable directly from your iPhone using free telnet app and simple menu driven commands. For car use, the AirEnabler will work right out of the box in the default Standalone Mode. For home use, switch to Wireless or Wired Client Mode to join the AirEnabler to your existing home network so you can AirPlay music from your existing computers and tablets.
  • Compatible with 3rd party USB DACs (for the audiophile)
  • Wired Ethernet connection supported for the most stable high quality music streaming possible.

What's Included: 

  •  AirEnabler (Nano Router with Custom Firmware)
  •  Micro USB Cable (for power) 
  •  USB AC Power Adapter 
  •  Dual USB Car Cigarette Charger (power in the car) 
  •  USB Audio Adapter / USB DAC 
  •  3.5mm Audio Cable

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EZWVZ44/?tag=blogqnologyco-20 (International Shipping Available)