Compatible USB Sound Cards / Audio Adapters / DAC

The AirEnabler is designed to work with 3rd party higher end USB DACs and USB Speakers. 

Note the following:
  1. AirEnabler is only compatible with USB 2.0 devices. If your USB DAC is a USB 1.1 device, you can try using a USB hub to get it working.
  2. You will need to adjust the volume higher with the "set-volume" command via telnet. The default volume is set at 70% which is perfect for the included DAC but may be too low for a aftermarket DAC. Please see Quick Setup page for instructions on connecting to the AirEnabler via Telnet. If you already reconfigure the AirEnabler to Wireless Client or Wired Client Mode (and don't know the IP Address of the AirEnabler), the simplest solution is to reset the AirEnabler back to factory, adjust the volume and then reconfigure to join your home network again.
  3. Apple AirPlay protocol is limited at 44.1 kHz/16bit. Please consider that before spending $100+ on a 24bit DAC.
  4. If the DAC works under Linux, chances are it will work with the AirEnabler.
It's not possible for me to test all USB DACs, so I cannot guarantee that any particular DAC will work. However, below are some that I've personally tested.

A cheap no non-sense DAC. Requires additional USB A to B cable.

A very affordable (~$30) and versatile DAC with RCA and S/PDIF Optical output, but a little bulky.

One of my personal favorites given the compact form factor and price (~$20-30).

Wireless AirPlay to these awesome headphones.
Sony Headphones

Supports S/PDIF optical out. My only complaint is that the version I received was USB 1.1, which required a USB Hub.