Static IP Address Configuration

Instructions for Setting a Static IP Address on your iOS device:

Note: The AirEnabler in Standalone Mode (as shipped) was designed with the assumption that your iOS device would have LTE/4G cellular internet access. A static IP is only required if you're using an iOS Device without 3G/LTE cellular access (iPad with Wi-Fi only) AND you plan to use the AirEnabler in it's default Standalone Mode. Setting a static IP Address is not required if you're using the AirEnabler at home in the recommended Wireless Client Mode.

1) Connect to the AirEnabler's Wi-Fi network. After connecting, tap on the "( i )" next to the AirEnabler's Wi-Fi network name:
Static IP

2) Select the "Static" tab and enter the following.

IP Address: (pick any number between 10-99)
Subnet Mask:

Static IP